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Big Girls Do Yoga, TOO!

Day 30 of “30 Days of Yoga with Adriene”

Yesterday, I completed “30 Days of Yoga with Adriene”. Yesterday also made 42 days since I’ve started doing yoga, daily with only 4 days off. I had tears in my eyes after I finished. I felt like I had graduated! I am so proud of myself. It has always been hard for me to stick to any routine, but really pushed myself this time! I was tired of telling myself that I couldn’t do it, that I was too big, that I wasn’t flexible enough, that it was too painful. I was just tired of making excuses!

Aside from the fact that I was ready to start working out and lose weight, what actually led me to doing yoga was the fact that my lower back and tail bone had been killing me. I had an uncomfortable computer chair at work and had to buy a chair cushion. However, when the Coronavirus hit, and we were forced to work from home, I was sitting on my couch, that sinks in low, to complete my almost 8 hour work day. And baybeee, let me tell you, that was some PAIN PAIN. At first, I didn’t know what to do, but then I figured maybe stretching would help, but then I figured “hmmm, maybe what they say about yoga is true”. So, I gave it a try.

Here’s a video of my FIRST attempt:


I know 🤣 After this first attempt, I gave up for a couple of days, but then my back was still hurting so I gave it another try and boy am I glad that I did! I have been walking and jogging along with the yoga so I could maximize my results. Due to living in a complex with thin walls and ceilings, I could not do home cardio workouts like I wanted to. So, I decided to do yoga, which is very low impact aka doesn’t require a lot of jumping and thumping, but builds just as much strength and can burn just as many calories.

Here are a few benefits that I have seen from doing yoga in the short time that I have:

  1. My lower back or tailbone no longer aches and cramps.

  2. I have not been bloating before my menstrual cycle.

  3. I feel much stronger.

  4. My posture has improved tremendously.

  5. I have become very mindful of my body and what feels good to it and what doesn’t.

  6. I have also become more mindful of what I put in my body. Why put all this work into making your body healthy and strong if you’re just going to continue to put junk in it?

  7. I am able to think more clearly.

  8. I have been in better control of my emotions due to the breathing techniques used.

  9. I have lost inches. (I’m not sure if I lost pounds, I have not been on a scale).

  10. My clothes fit better.

  11. Usually, my back aches after I go walking or jogging, but since I have started doing yoga right after, I feel way less pain, aches, and stiffness.

  12. The SEX…I’ll just leave it at that…🤣

  13. I feel more confident in myself. Those endorphins though!

Here are a few snippets from Day 30!

I highly recommend 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene! Each day, she introduces a new concept, not necessarily movements. A few were “nourish”, “intend”, “focus”, “believe”, “uplift” and SOOOOO many more! Each one of those concepts integrated my mind and body. The names were very fitting for that day and each day I was building concept upon concept. By Day 30, I realized that I had to use them all. She did not even speak. She just guided the movements and let me handle the rest. I have never felt more at peace.

I would definitely suggest doing yoga! It can be very hard, but push through it and if you can’t do something, modify it! Don’t give up! I promise you, it becomes easier with time. Yoga has become my #1 choice for self care.

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