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Styling Services

TaKeira offers virtual personal styling for busy women who are mothers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and/or influencers. These women do not have time to put together outfits and/or go shopping for themselves. They are seeking to either:

  • Define their personal style

  • Transform their social image

  • Express their individual or brand stories through their choice of clothing 

From the every day casual slay to an extravagant main character moment, TaKeira will make sure that you are

"Styled to a Tee



- Services require a consultation via email, phone, or zoom to ensure consultant provides most accurate services.
- Services may include add-ons, which can be bundled into a discount.
- It's highly recommended to book service at least 2-3 weeks before date that you need styling for to ensure time to put looks together and for shipping or shopping time
- Please give consultant 5-10 business days to deliver services depending on size of project. 
- Services can be expedited to 3-5 days at an extra fee ($75)

- If you have any questions, please email me at

Services Offered

*Denotes that client can choose 3, 5, or 7 outfits with service. Reflected in prices. 

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