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8 Must Have Baby Items for Anxious New Parents

Being a new mom brought so many anxieties. I had no clue what to buy or what to even put on my registry for my baby shower. However, now that I’m three months in the game, I’ve learned which items were baby items were must haves. I’ve compiled this list together to help you out! Thank me later!

If there was an item that I could say was my favorite, this would have to be it. Before I had a baby, I honestly had no clue what swaddling was, but after multiple YouTube searches, I quickly found out that it was necessary. I practiced how to swaddle with a receiving blanket when my baby was first born, but it was not a tight as they had shown on the YouTube videos that I had seen. I even got the nurses to show me how to do it, but I just didn’t have the magic touch. So, I was very excited to receive this 3 pack of swaddles. It made my job so much easier and decreased my frustrations tremendously. I put it on my baby every single night and it helped him sleep. After all, babies’ reflexes are not mature, yet. So, they are constantly flailing their arms.

I don’t know what is was about Itzy Ritzy’s Sweetie Soother Pacifier, but my baby loved it! He did not take any other pacifier, but this one. Trust me, I have tired several. I think it may be because the teat was longer than others. So, it was easier for it to stay in his mouth. Personally, I loved the colors and design.

When you talk about a must have baby item, THIS IS IT! As a new mom, you will hear so many stories about how people attempted to put their babies in a bassinet but somehow, the baby ended up in the bed with them. Then, you will hear that the baby took over and mom can’t comfortable sleep. I REFUSED to have a baby put me out my own bed. Co-sleeping is also frowned upon, but it is known to help babies sleep better throughout the night and makes it easier for those middle of the night feeds. The SOLUTION: A Co-Sleeper/Portable Infant Sleeper. I used this from day one. We put in the middle of us in our king size bed. To my surprise, baby loved it and it made me feel less anxious. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m terrified of SIDS.

I am not one to conform with norms. I love things that are different and the Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled swing is definitely not your average swing. The fact that it connects to Bluetooth is my favorite part. So, I could play my own music that I enjoy, as well. However, baby loved the classical music by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, etc, that was already built in it. I heard classical music was linked to high intelligence. I don’t know how true that is, but I’m excited that he likes it!

I had a couple of bouncers, but this Fisher-Price seemed to be the one baby liked best! It’s very soft to touch and cute! I will never forget being anxious to put him in it because he had not liked the other ones. However, when I put him in it and turned on the vibration and nature sounds, he stayed in it still, cooing. The sounds also have volume control which I love!

This Summer Splish ‘n Splash Tub makes it easy for you to bathe your baby. It has a net that you can hook to it for newborn babies. It’s kind of like a sponge bath, but the baby is laying over top of the water. This makes bath time less messy. The bath tub also has a component for you to put things in it needed for the bath like body wash, shampoo, etc. This makes it much easier than having to remember where you put these items. After all, mommy brain is in full effect.

Call me bad mommy, but when you have to do things like go to the bathroom or take a shower, you need to put that baby down, especially when they are taking a nap. You don’t want to just put the baby on the bed, though. The UpwardBaby Lounger allows you to put the baby in it and prevents them from rolling with its security straps. It also contains a head shaping cushion that prevents your baby from getting a flathead from laying on their back. ‘Nough said!

Now that my baby is four months old, I can assure you that I am still using all of these items except the Swaddles and Newborn Lounger and that is only because he is no longer a newborn. So, as you can see, they are all really good and, might I add, AFFORDABLE investments.


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